July 16, 2020

University team gain fifth place in the first Universities Olympiad Games

According to the Public Relations Department of the Buein Zahra Technical University, a team of four athletes to the first Universities Olympiad Games, are honored with the fifth rank among all the universities in the 4th district.


   Ranking       Total Score University Name  
4 1392.85 Hamedan Payame Noor University
10 1285.31  Bu-Ali Sina University
45 822.64  Qom Payame Noor University
58 664.19 Qom University
63 623.70  Buein Zahra Technical University
64 621.13  Imam Khomeini International University
65 613.84   Hamedan University of Technology
77 453.37   Arak University
79 416.36        Qom University of Technology
85 235.20 Arak University of Technology