July 16, 2020

Civil planing on occasion of Fajr decade

Public relations of Bou'in Zahra university : On the occasion of 22nd of Bahman & Fajr decade , we will dedicate civil & development plan  .  " This phase has been started since Aban , 1393 & dedicated in Mehr , 1394 & right now on occasion of Fajr decade second phase of Martyr Muhammad Movafagh workshop & labratory building will be exploited with the presence of Ghazvin gavernor and a group of authorities .Dr. Mohammad Aniseh said . " This building is about 1100 square meter & includes 7 fifty meter workshops & 4 hundred meter workshops which includes Chemistry , Physics , Strength of materials , Tool mechine , Welding , Soil mechanics , Casting & Concreet technology labratory . The other civil planning of this center on occasion of 22nd of Bahman is started to build the Martyr Masoud Ali-Muhammadi academy . He continued : " The first phase of this project will be started in Bahman , 1394 with an area of 2200 meter & this new building will be constructed on educational purpose & constructing more class rooms . New phase of landscaping plan by starting topography in Fajr decade , the project of designing & building facade & creating different academic units are the important civil actions of Bou'in Zahra technical university ."
Aniseh said : " The other important educational action is creating Geotechnic engineering researching center in Bahman , 1394 on occasion of Fajr decade which is started-up with the aim of creating an international researching center . The aim of creating this researching center is making close relation with American & European authentic universities by imploying international executive team from different countries along solving internal & international geotechnical dilemmas for acquisition of common pillar of industry & university will start to work . This researching center can act helpful role by functional researches & utilizing Nano & Bayou modern knowledge in Qazvin , Iran & Middle East .
Other action of this researching center is making close relation with some of important universities such as California State university & U.A.B & other countries of area .