August 14, 2020

Urban & Architecture Eng




Would like to have your precious time with us and the website of Department of Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering, university of Bouin Zahra visit sincerely grateful.
As you know, construction and development of our beloved homeland of Iran, but with efforts sympathetic, engineers and Lovers field of construction and development is not possible, however, lack the necessary knowledge of ups and downs this way not only to development will not end, but may lead to disastrous be irreversible. For this purpose,Department of Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering, University of Bouin Zahra all their efforts towards the education of engineers and professionals who will be the future of our dear country Iran, has. The use of expert and experienced faculty, laboratories and training facilities equipped with standard symbols of the determination to achieve the goals of these are university officials. It is hoped that in the light of divine grace, and efforts of all concerned in science at the university saw a future of success for Iran's young people and our students.



                                                                                                                 Reza Jafariha