July 14, 2020

Training plan

Strategic lesson plan information about qualitative and quantitative structure gives lessons to students and enables him to,Your program strategy (time, content and shows) coordinate relevant lessons and master. By studying the lesson plan students get ' general knowledge of the teacher, the outlook for private, explicit learning objectives, areas of learning that he will experience in this course, How lesson assessment, strategy, contact the instructor and his teaching method, time and place of a consultation with him as well as law professor at the University finds. In fact, two of them at the start of each lesson shaped design teacher training and student learning plan at the beginning of each semester can start simultaneously.

In real time and moving content in each semester for each week, and the subject matter specified number of hours of teaching, learning and assessment monitoring stations set up,References certain lessons and learn all communication channels available and ready for operation. The student be true and fair assessment of the quality of their learning, the level of participation in length and width Mbaht and acquires tangibility learning objectives.