July 14, 2020

Hiring Faculty

The introduction of recruiting faculty members and educational institutes

Due to the high status of science in Islamic culture and the need to preserve the dignity and sanctity of the high places of higher education and to play a central role and constructive members of the faculty and the need for efficiency of the teachers educated, efficient and faithful to the ideals of the Islamic Revolution and to create unity in the vetting of candidates for membership of the scientific Committee, High Commission to absorb the faculty members of universities and higher education centers in the country, the Central Board for attracting faculty members with the Ministries of Science, Research and Technology, and Health and Medical Education and the Board, Executive attract faculty members of universities and higher education institutions, attracting excellent faculty and staff members at the centers of higher education.


Excellent staff duties attract faculty members and institutions of higher education:

1. Adoption of the executive committees absorption mechanism for cohesion, unity and strength and dynamics of universities
2. constant monitoring of the proper implementation of rules and regulations to attract faculty at all levels

3. The review all policies and procedures related to attracting faculty to propose to the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution And guidelines pertaining to attract faculty members for approval by the Council of Educational Centers

4. Define the organizational structure and duties of the Central Board of absorption with the Ministries and executive committees absorption and interaction between them defined
5. development and in-service training courses primarily aimed at empowering faculty and supervising it

6. seminars and workshops justification for absorption of executive committees
7. complaints and other duties of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution

8. Annual Performance Report of the Central Committee and the Board of Executive absorbed with the Ministries of Absorption and submit it to the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution


Based on the five regulations to attract excellent staff and faculty members of higher education institutions are required to observe the following set procedures:

1. The need to recruit faculty on campus and through a public call for a treaty to be done first.

Note: In the event that attracts faculty members through public Ghyrfrakhvan is necessary, it must be approved by the Council absorption center.

2. The first reference to qualified applicants consider hiring faculty, administrative bodies absorb, and this right should not delegated to other units and final approval recruitment center of attraction with the Ministries Council is responsible.

3. The competent faculty members and teachers tuition and contractors should be evaluated in executive committees absorption.

4. Convert the faculty members of an alliance official test for eligibility for promotion to higher rank done

5. become permanent employment status faculty members are subject to the rank of associate professor

Note 1: The employment status to become permanent faculty members, promotion of a higher rank is essential

Note 2: In special cases, and in some cases licensed with the Ministries of Health and Medical Education, Science, Research and Technology official definite possibility associate faculty members in far lower than would be possible

6. absorb executive committees at all stages of the trial before the judgment faculty, claimed responsibility for monitoring their performance and if achieved incompetence can prevent the continuation of their activities.

7. The use of teachers or researchers or persons who perform legal services and services obligation (legal services and paramedics, doctors, scholarships, K factor, etc.) in most universities on a contract basis for a period and then in the framework of the regulations will be.

8. The regulations governing the procedures for the audit committee of the faculty members.