December 10, 2019

Robotic Competition

Karun Robotics Cup first national tournament with 193 teams in 13 leagues in two parts, with 400 students participating on 27 and 28 February was held in Ahvaz. In this matches the "New Aerospace Engineering" team, University of Bouin Zahra Bird won third place in the League. The new Aerospace University team that participated in the competition were as follows:


1)Ali Farahnak dar abadi

2)Mehdi Shams najaf abadi

3)Javad Seyed pour

4)Mehdi Nasiri

5)Mohammad hasan Safarkhani

6)Zahra Bakhtiari

7)Fateme Gheitasvand

8)Mahvosh Abedinpour

9)Sahar Amin abadi

10)Faeze Zare