August 3, 2020

University Parton Donors Foundation

Introduction :

Following the tradition of the divine prophets and infallible imams to motivate sublime expression of the fundamental principles of humanity, Passion infinite purity and faith of a believer in facilities and education and training in order to grow and talents of the youth of Iran and also utilizes the capabilities of the material and spiritual well-meaning and encourage the rich and good thoughts in strengthening and expanding the Higher education builds, A spark was so good and pious people with determination and resolve common, non-governmental organization (NGO) called the Foundation for donor support Technical Education Center Bouin Zahra in accordance with the present Constitution and establish as follows .


General :

Article 1 : Foundation, "Foundation donors support Technical Education Center Buin Zahra" is in the Constitution, briefly called Foundation.

Article 2 : institutions to establish and launch the Foundation Board is composed of the following individuals.


 "Dr.Hassan Barajini"   "Dr.Salme Sedaghat"     "Dr.Fateme Ahmadi"    "Dr.Mohammad Anise"

 "Mr.Ali Karimi"     "Mr.Hasan Nori"                 "Dr.Hamed Niroumand"       "Dr.Fateme Zare"


Article 3 : Foundation, a citizen of Iran and bound by the provisions of the constitution and laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the approval of the Board of Trustees donors supporting the Technical University of Bouin Zahra is

Article 4 : The period of activity since the establishment of the Foundation, unlimited

Article 5 : The Foundation activities at the national level and its head office is based in the city of Bouin Zahra

Article 6 : The Foundation is devoid of any political activity and any of its members are not allowed to engage in political activities, not-for-profit Foundation

Note 1 : sustained financially independent, but under the supervision of the Board of Trustees donors supporting Technical Education Center will Buin Zahra activities.

Note 2: The interaction and cooperation with similar charitable organizations inside and outside the country is permitted.


Goals :

Article 7 The purpose of the Foundation, taking advantage of the capabilities of the material and spiritual well-meaning and encourage the good and righteous thoughts in strengthening and expanding infrastructure Technical University Buin Zahra as the second largest public university called the University of Qazvin briefly as follows:

1-7- proliferation and the spread of Islamic culture and remain dedicated and competent in society and enjoying in qualitative and quantitative growth of

2.7 Provide advice and context to facilitate optimal investment in university donors

3.7 Identification, appreciation and full support from donors and Vaqfyn University.

4.7 supervising the donors and Vaqfyn religious ideas and goals during his life and after.

5-7-building and infrastructure fields (social, cultural and economic) to strengthen and sustain the support of donors and Vaqfyn of the University.

6.7 plan and organize to attract donations and public spaces in order to build and enhance cooperation and coordination required of donors supporting the University Foundation.

7-7- supervising the University's commitment to donors, donations and endowments Vaqfyn and their cooperation with the Foundation donors and sponsors of donor committee of the Ministry of Science.

 8-7- supervision to construction projects of faith.

9-7-monitor and track the allocation of fifty percent share of the Ministry of Science of projects that fifty percent of the funds it good or paid donors and to have reached fifty percent physical progress, Foundation in coordination with donors' support and cooperation of the Ministry of Science Committee donors.

10-7- supporting poor students through the University launched a student loan fund and charity fund.

11-7-support measures and Islamic culture at the university.

12-7 support from the good tradition of student marriages.

13-7 support research projects and research students and faculty members.

14-7- support researchers and academic elite.

15-7- participation in the purchase of equipment and services required by the university.

16-7-active role for academic links with industry, trade and general business climate

17-7- supporting young entrepreneurs and knowledge-based companies fledgling university students.

18-7-presence, participation and investment in the implementation of ideas and plans for commercialization and practical entrepreneurial idea to complete product cycle.

19-7- Enterprise and implementation of all programs and functions and authorities with the objectives of the "base" Policies to reduce levels of compliance and universities outsource or will be made.

20-7- any activity, economic, business, commercial, industrial or any activity that involves the creation of added value in ensuring fundamental objectives.

21-7- action and carry out any activity with the spirit and philosophy of the purposes set forth in this article in order to meet the objectives of the "base" to be consistent and compatible.

22-7-establishment of the Center and recruit university graduates not to support Scientific and Cultural University.