August 14, 2020

Subject Outline

Course outline or subject outline or module outline are interchangeably used but they all address a single document. Therefore, subject outline is referred to as a document that provides information for subject including technical context, instructor and course access information, learning objectives of the course, teaching and learning methods, assessment system, weekly-basis delivery schedule of the syllabuses, rules and regulations of submitted items, penalties for plagiarism. Thus, it looks like an academic contract between instructor and students that casts the class atmosphere and dynamism.  Subject outline would be lucrative for both students and instructors. When designing a course, subject outline plays as an instrumental tool for optimal curriculum development and as a fuel for expansion plans.

 In a long-run view, subject outline would be a useful mean for strategic educational management and quality control mechanisms.  Likewise, it provides a pool of opportunities for colleagues, administrators, and accreditation agencies. It, in fact, reflects the educational life that is growing inside the course so that observers can figure out what students were exposed to or sort of technical skills they parked under when end of the course is looming. The results of course execution would be utterly revealed when course outcomes are materialized by time-interval measurements that were accurately taken during the semester. Upon designing a subject outline, the pre- and post-course actions can be scheduled. That is, enabling learning objectives (LO) of the current subject to be mapped out with juxtaposed modules in the curriculum. Therefore, the LOs of      prerequisite or co-requisite subjects can be precisely aligned to furnish higher learning achievements in the program.